6 Benefits of Choosing a Design-Build Firm

When starting a big building project, one of the first questions you need to answer is whether you’re going to work with separate firms to design and build your project, or use a firm that can do it all. While there are pros and cons to both methods, working with a design-build firm certainly has its own unique set of pros. Here are 6 benefits of choosing a design-build firm over using separate companies:

Single Point of Contact & Responsibility

Working with one firm for the entirety of a project creates a continuity for the owner that many people appreciate. Rather than having to find, vet, bid, and choose two firms, a design-build firm handles everything from the early planning through the final touches. This gives the owner peace of mind knowing their vision is clearly understood and will translate into the finished product. And working with one firm throughout the whole project allows a single point of contact for all questions and concerns the homeowner may have, making them feel more in control of the process. Additionally, a single contractor handling all aspects of a project creates a higher level of accountability. If something goes wrong or a budget balloons, it all falls on the design-build firm. This makes the person spearheading the project more likely to run a tight ship in terms of budget and timelines.

Unity of Vision & Methods

Sometimes, especially in a unique or complex project, making sure that key details are understood can be challenging. What may seem obvious from the designs and plans to the designer, for example, may not be so obvious to the builder. This can create confusion and potentially costly mistakes. When you work with the same firm for all phases of a project, you know you’re getting the representation of your building vision that you want.

Ease of Communication

Building projects take a great deal of communication and juggling of different timelines. Working with separate firms often means that things slip between the cracks, such as a change to the schedule that impacts another portion of the project. By working with one firm, you always know who you can go to for information. Additionally, communication among the crew is enhanced since they’re all part of the same team. This leads to less stressful, quicker projects.

Streamlined Project Timeline

With construction, there’s a heavy reliance on maintaining the schedule so your project can finish on time. Sometimes, delays in a key piece of the construction or a crew can mean that your project gets pushed back. This is a common occurrence when using two firms, as both businesses are on very different schedules. A week that works for the design firm may not work for the building firm, and vice versa. Working with one crew for an entire project, however, means that you’ll get a crew that’s properly scheduled for every phase of the project. This decreases delays and work stoppages. Yes, emergencies do happen and sometimes there are problems with the schedule. However, it’s less likely to happen for a design-build firm.


In construction, as in every industry, there can be egos. When the ego of one project leader competes against the ego of another, it can cause conflict, delaying work and possibly leaving you to find a new contractor. By working with one firm, all crew members are part of the same team and have previously worked together on projects. This means communication, schedules, and just general daily operations should be much more cohesive. A team that works well together can work magic on a design-build project, keeping you on schedule and within budget right up to the end.


When costs begin to skyrocket on your building project, who do you look to for an explanation? Perhaps you go to the builder, wondering why the quoted amount is so far off the real cost. Or you head to the designer, looking for insight on why the project as spec’d is suddenly costing more. Maybe you get a straight answer, or maybe you get finger-pointing in the direction of the other professional. When working with a design-build firm, you always know who to hold accountable for mistakes, delays, and increased costs. This often leads to tighter controls on the part of the project leader, as they don’t want to have to deal with an upset customer.

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