Kitchen Remodeling

The Transformation For
Your NYC Kitchen Is Here

A beautiful and functional kitchen design is worth every investment. The Kitchen is considered one of the most important spaces at home, it is the center of daily life. A unique and custom kitchen remodel enriches your home.
Our designers and professionals in construction have years of experience remodeling kitchens to ample space, storage, workplaces and enhancing lighting.

Stone Remodeling is here to help bring your visions of a transformed kitchen to life. Our emphasis on functionality and aesthetics ensures that not only is your kitchen marvelous to look at; it is also easy to use and is created to your functional preference. With cabinets from every style for every budget, we provide you with the finest quality of craftsmanship and customer service at an affordable price.

Kitchen Design at Stone Remodeling


A well designed kitchen is more than just a space for your family to prepare meals. Modern kitchens function as your family’s central meeting place and a space to spend time together

We understand style is achieved through functional, convenient design. When your kitchen is designed around your needs and tailored to your unique style, you’ll always be happier. That’s why at Stone Remodeling, our design process is centered around your family’s lifestyle.

Our kitchen design specialists can help you with:

  • Kitchen design and project management
  • Custom-made cabinets and countertops
  • Luxury kitchen fixtures
  • Impeccably designed open concept layouts
  • Backsplashes and distinct tile looks
  • Lighting, appliances, and architectural hardware & accessories

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A Kitchen Remodel in NYC for Your Every Need

Our NYC kitchen renovation contractors can show you all the upscale and custom features you need to make your home’s kitchen fabulous as well as functional. These features might include a six-burner gourmet stove, a refrigerator with over-sized shelving and deep freezer drawers, or a programmable dishwasher with dozens of customizable options.

Specialty appliances can also be included in your kitchen design for a NYC home. Many homes in the NYC area today include a wood-burning pizza oven, a double oven, a counter-top dishwasher for lighter loads, and a separate cooler meant specifically for keeping wine at just the right temperature. Whatever your dream for a modern, traditional, or European style kitchen, our remodeling process can make that dream a reality!


Best Countertops for a Kitchen Renovation in NYC

What type of countertops work best in a new NYC kitchen design? Granite is still a classic choice for many NYC area homes, as this material is dense and durable and easy to clean. Quartz Countertops are beautiful and made popular by brands such as Dupont and Cambria.  Marble countertops is a natural stone option with unique appearance and veined patterns that make it one the most attractive of all natural stones.


A Kitchen Renovation in NYC Increases Home Value

Adding new countertops, appliances, and modern kitchen cabinets in a NYC home are some of the best ways to improve your home’s overall value. Homebuyers prefer a house with an updated kitchen, so real estate appraisers often take great pains to review the appearance and function of your kitchen when determining property values.

The design experts at Stone Remodeling NYC can help you determine the best plan for a kitchen remodel that will add value to your home. We can even help you find the best kitchen remodel financing options so you can easily afford all those beautiful, upscale features and kitchen design options you’ll love for as long as you own your home.


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